Ur Daycare Locator LLC™

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Why use the UDL network?

Features and Benefits


Parent Perks:


  • Over 300,000 providers to chose from.
  • Advanced search features (zip code, state, radius, address, etc.).
  • Real-time location services (GPS navigation, etc.).
  • View provider ratings to make the best choice.
  • Apply directly from your phone, tablet or our website.
  • Locate and apply at your convenience 24hrs a day.


Provider Perks:


  • Effective marketing solution ( Parents download our application seeking childcare).
  • Childcare applications on demand.
  • Location and provider information (Integrated map solutions).
  • Rating System (Let your quality service shine).
  • Child care opening (Age openings displayed via our mobile app*).
  • Cost cutting solutions that are affordable.
  • Support staff ready to assist.
  • No login’s required for parents to locate providers.
  • Provider photos*
  • Accessibility (Hours of operation, safety and security, etc.)
  • Provider websites – New
  • $46.8 billion dollar industry let us help you make your mark!


*Available with the premium membership.


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